Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh How I Love Thunderstorms

Today started out beautiful and sunny and I was able to adventure through our new Goodwill, have lunch with the lovely Kyle and take the dog for a good hour long walk. And then a massive thunderstorm hit and I couldn't love it more! I have my bedroom window cracked so I can smell the rain and hear the thunder!!!

While I was working Saturday night I dreamed of an incredibly cute outfit I would like to make, whether entirely, or by adding some details to some pre-bought items. The outfit includes a brown knit slouchy hat like this one....(via Purl Chicks)

and a blue sweater very close in color and style this one...

(via Our Signature Style)

but with pockets. Then I would like to add some very cute owl graphics in specific colors and locations!!! Oh how I want it now!!!!

I also feel in love with Yarn Bombing (Knit graffiti) on Saturday night. Some of my favorites are...

(via Buzzfeed)

(via The Creative Caravan)

(via PoppyTalk)

Well we are off to make dinner so hope you all have a lovely evening!!!!

XXOO Molly Pop