Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

IF anyone ever reads this blog, they need to click this link and watch the video then share it with at least one other person.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


So it seems that every time I get on here, I go on and on about how much I'm gonna start blogging and then I seem to drop of the face of the planet for a few months. So as much as I'd like to really start blogging, this time I'm gonna make the resolution to slowly start blogging as it suits me.

My crafting bug has gotten much worse lately and I am loving it! My future SIL and I have been taking knitting classes every Wednesday night at our local yarn shop and have been loving it! We have already made hand warmers ( I gifted mine to my mother), a mobias cowl, a neck warmer, and we are now working on hats! It's so exciting, there are so many projects I have in mind. I also received a Cricut Expressions 2 yesterday for a late birthday present from my father. I am so excited! I haven't had the chance to play around with it much but I'm hoping to catch up on my cleaning this weekend and really dive into some crafts! Well until next time!

♥ MollyPop

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Earring Holders and Creepy Buildings

Today I had to drop off a UPS package at a drop box I've never used before. After I finally found the building it was hidden in, I had to ride a very old elevator to the basement. I wish I had had my camera with me. The building was the Ohio Oil Company Building that houses random businesses and even storage lockers. It's obviously quite old and fairly creepy when it's empty. The elevators are especially old. Both elevators on the ground floor have spinning dials to show the floor that they're on. Very cool looking. And the elevator interiors were decked out in gold and green. I'll have to wander back in with my camera sometime soon!

Aside from the UPS drop box, and making a new earring holder, the day was fairly uneventful; just some laundry and dishes.

Jack always tries to help with the housework...

I do love my new earring holder though! It was inspired by one I saw on Kevin and Amanda. The colors not quite what I was going for but I think it turned out pretty well!

Well I think that's all for tonight! I am too stuffed from Kyle's spaghetti (yes, he cooked for me :) ) to stay up and blog so I will see you all later! Have a wonderful night!!

XXOO Molly Pop

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh How I Love Thunderstorms

Today started out beautiful and sunny and I was able to adventure through our new Goodwill, have lunch with the lovely Kyle and take the dog for a good hour long walk. And then a massive thunderstorm hit and I couldn't love it more! I have my bedroom window cracked so I can smell the rain and hear the thunder!!!

While I was working Saturday night I dreamed of an incredibly cute outfit I would like to make, whether entirely, or by adding some details to some pre-bought items. The outfit includes a brown knit slouchy hat like this one....(via Purl Chicks)

and a blue sweater very close in color and style this one...

(via Our Signature Style)

but with pockets. Then I would like to add some very cute owl graphics in specific colors and locations!!! Oh how I want it now!!!!

I also feel in love with Yarn Bombing (Knit graffiti) on Saturday night. Some of my favorites are...

(via Buzzfeed)

(via The Creative Caravan)

(via PoppyTalk)

Well we are off to make dinner so hope you all have a lovely evening!!!!

XXOO Molly Pop

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just a Taste

So, just a short blog tonight because a) I'm working and b) I haven't been doing very well at this blogging again business so maybe easing into it will work out better. I've been spending all of my free time, and quite a bit of stolen time browsing craft gawker and have found so many cute projects and ideas! My summer goal for a while has been to get an Etsy store up and running. Unfortunately, every time I see a cute idea or dream up an awesome project, I only want to make one for myself and then move onto my next craft crush. Looks like there will be some much needed brainstorming and self control issues to deal with in order to balance the two! Well I suppose I better get back to work now. :) Have an awesome Sunday!!

XXOO Molly Pop

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Time? Say...two years?

So i'd say it's been a while since I've been on here, but I think I'd like to get back to it. So rather than try to recap the last two years or so, I think I'll just start today.

Good 'ol CC is on spring break this week, and as always, I'm working it. I worked the 6 to 6 at the hospital last night which I must say gets better every time I do it. However, the one down side to getting used to night shifts, is I got home at 7 this morning and wasn't tired enough to sleep (funny since I'd been up 18 hours already. After about 4 hours of sleep I got up and planned to be productive in some way before working at pottery, and didn't manage to get off the couch.

Where has all my motivation gone? There's SO many things I always want to do, and when the time comes, nothing gets done. Who knows, maybe the summer will inspire me to get my creativity rolling. I can only hope. In the mean time, I suppose I should focus on balancing two jobs, three classes, a boyfriend, a dog, and hopes for a new car. I guess that's enough to keep me busy for two more months ;)

XXOO Molly Pop

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well I still haven't gotten my own computer back......but I feel like it's been too long between posts..........Yesterday was a very productive day for Bailey (my roommate) and myself...........First an eight hour day of work then some not so pure influences on her little cousin along with an awesome drawing sesh.........followed by guitar string changing.........finally hanging stuff up on our walls.....

..........making some ridiculous cookies till three this morning......creating this mess.......
...but resulting in some of the best cookies ever..including this green stegasaurus..... :)
And now I'm off to clean and possibly take some photos or draw :) have an awesome one ♥

XXOO Molly Pop