Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Earring Holders and Creepy Buildings

Today I had to drop off a UPS package at a drop box I've never used before. After I finally found the building it was hidden in, I had to ride a very old elevator to the basement. I wish I had had my camera with me. The building was the Ohio Oil Company Building that houses random businesses and even storage lockers. It's obviously quite old and fairly creepy when it's empty. The elevators are especially old. Both elevators on the ground floor have spinning dials to show the floor that they're on. Very cool looking. And the elevator interiors were decked out in gold and green. I'll have to wander back in with my camera sometime soon!

Aside from the UPS drop box, and making a new earring holder, the day was fairly uneventful; just some laundry and dishes.

Jack always tries to help with the housework...

I do love my new earring holder though! It was inspired by one I saw on Kevin and Amanda. The colors not quite what I was going for but I think it turned out pretty well!

Well I think that's all for tonight! I am too stuffed from Kyle's spaghetti (yes, he cooked for me :) ) to stay up and blog so I will see you all later! Have a wonderful night!!

XXOO Molly Pop